Screen Reading 'Groups'

Jun 09, 2020

I am curious about JAWs behavior, as I am having trouble with NVDA.

Does JAWs read the "alt-text" of  grouped items?

I picked up a course from a former coworker, and it has a lot of well grouped items. I attached alt-text to the groups rather than breaking the groups into their component parts. My screen reader can identify the groups, but it does not read the alt-text. Does the JAWS screen reader read the alt-text of grouped items?



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Sam Hill

Hi Pierre, The Alt text placed on the Group is read by JAWS and so it can be used to describe a group if necessary.  In most instances, I'm grouping elements just for organising in the authoring environment, and therefore I deselect "Object is visible to accessibility tools". This does not affect the objects nested within the group and the Alt text of those objects will still be read.

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