Screen Record question/issue

Hi I have two questions:

1. When working with text entry can you set the variable so that as the user enters the information it enters in Uppercase. So if the user types “bob”, it would enter as “BOB”.

2. Has anyone experienced issues when creating Try me screen records where the individual steps seem to randomly advance automatically without user interaction.  An example would be the screencast is looking for the user to click on the file menu, but as they are in the process of moving their mouse, the screencast seems to kick in and complete the process for the user.  This does not seem to happen on a consistent basis so it is difficult to reproduce.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Scott,

I'm honestly not sure how/if you'd be able to set up a user's response to display in CAPS. I don't believe that's something that's possible. 

For the advancement issues, that does sound strange. Do you have any triggers that might be set to jump to the next slide when the timeline ends, or are any of the slides set to automatically advance, instead of by "User"? 

Also, you mentioned this isn't consistent, how are you viewing the project when this happens? Does it happen in preview, or after you've published?


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Scott and Christine,

I don't have anything concrete to add, but I did want to let y'all know that this DID happen to me quite some time back with a Try It. I don't remember any other details, except that it was on the first run-through right after creating it so I had definitely not done anything to that particular slide. It was only 1 out of maybe a dozen or so slide.

I saw it during preview and as I said don't remember anything else that would be helpful. But I hate it when it feels like I'm the only one who ever gets anything weird to happen..."misery loves comany" they say.