Screen recording audio on a single slide

Hello everyone. Been quite sometime since I've been here, or used SL for that matter. I am currently on version 2. My question is; when recording audio along with a screen recording is there a way to see the audio track separately from the screen recording like you do when you insert the recording as step by step slides like View mode then record audio for that slide? Also when I insert a screen recording with audio in a step by step mode, the audio does not insert in each slide? Am I making myself clear?

Thanks folks.

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Leslie McKerchie

That's very kind of you to say David :)

I'm glad I'm still here too!

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Carola Thurfjell

Hi David,

In our productions we use a lot of screenrecordings and we often want to use the audio, even if we have slides as step-by-step slides.

We've solved the problem like this: First publish the Project and then open the storyline output-folder. In the folder story_content you will find the media files. Then use a online audio converter to convert the mp4-files to wav or mp3 files. Then you can insert the audio from file in the slides and edit the audio-file as you choose.

We have SL3 but we've done like this in SL2 as well. We've used this online audio converter:

I hope this will help you!