Screen Recording Defcte

Jun 12, 2012

I seem to have a major defect found in my project  (how are these communicated to Articulate?)

I have a project that was recording screen vidoe fine. Then I tried to record a video, Articulate crashed out (but remained open in the Task manager) and then each time I open it and try to record a video it crashes again. I am unable to add any more video video to this project

I have just upgraded from my trial to a purchased version, but I can no longer work on my project that has taken me some considerable time and effort to develop

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Mark Vause

If anyone else sees this try this workaround:

When Storyline crashes out close all other applications

You can then [Alt] + [Tab] and you will see the screen recorder (This does not appear on top by default when thsi issue arsises)

Do a dummy recording

Save it and the project is the back

It will then record correctky again

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