Screen recording in Storyline 360 is making the file massive

Jul 12, 2019

I need to screen record up to 10 video vignettes for an online module. The screen recordings are taking snippets of one video and splicing it into different topics (the 10 vignettes).

I have done three (between 2-3 mins long each) and the file is 1,875,542kb !

Storyline 360 keeps crashing and having issues saving. Is there an alternate solution to embedding these videos? I tired doing this in Peek 360 but it is not recording the sound that is in the video.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Are you recording a video that's playing on your computer from a local file? Or are you recording a video playing on your screen through a browser? Or doing something else?

Ideally, you'd have the source video and just cut the source into pieces. If you don' t have the source, and are recording from a video that's playing in a browser, there are a few considerations:

  • The larger the screen size, the larger the video. I'd frame up the video to not record more than the story size of your slides.
  • Recording the system audio can be problematic. Some sound cards don't allow it.

Peek probably isn't the right tool for recording video and the audio from the screen (if that's your workflow). 

Let us know the video source and that may help provide some viable solutions

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