Can I edit a screen recording created in Storyline 360 using Replay 360 or any other video editor?

I created a screen recording using Storyline 360 and would like to edit a part in the middle of the recording. Storyline 360 only lets me trim the start and ending parts and not the middle. I do not see an option to export the video in order to edit it using another tool like Replay 360. Any suggestions? Should I have created the screen recording in Replay first and then imported it into my Storyline 360 course?


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Therese Cormack

I found this entry from a year ago: but would still like to know if this is the best option (making a copy, trimming the first copy to be first half and trimming the second copy to be the second half). Also this response indicates that the recording can be found in the story_content folder as an .mp4 file after publishing but can it be edited and put back in? Why wouldn't it be available in the media library?

Ren Gomez

Hi Therese,

All great questions! I'm not sure why the option is grayed out to Export your screen recording, but you can try to right-click the video itself and export it to Replay 360 to do some trimming in the middle of the video. Please note, once you convert to .mp4, you won't be able to reuse the screencast for try and test modes.

Screen recordings don't show in the Media Library as you can find them by going to the Slides tab and clicking on the Record Screen drop-down. This may have to do with the ability to re-use the same screencast for try and test modes, whereas a normal mp4 video doesn't have that option. Hope this helps clear things up a bit!

Therese Cormack

Perfect, thank you, Ren! I guess I was right clicking in the wrong place (on timeline instead of on the slide).

One more question I just thought of. Is there any way to rename the screen recording if you forget to rename it before you save it?  I can rename the object itself in the timeline but the recording shows 'Desktop' and the date it was recorded if I didn't remember to change it.