Screen recording master slide question

Jun 06, 2013

I can't seem to find a way to change the master slides for the feedback layers, when working with imported screen recordings.  I know if it were a normal question / quiz type thing, i'd click on the layer and chose the feedback master.  But I can't seem to get to it with the Screen Recording I've imported.

Edit - I found a way to access it with screens where text must be entered, but when there are screens that require just clicking, I can't access the feedback master.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Joe:

Can you clarify a little more?

Are you selecting a feedback layer, then right-clicking the slide thumbnail to set a feedback layer style, or are you right-clicking over your video object and expecting to see format background?

Can you document your setup and the steps you are trying to do?

I ask because if I embed a video into a feedback layer, I can access the Slide Master for the layer, however, if you have inserted a WebObject for the video, you cannot.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Joe Waddington

Hi Dennis -

I couldn't edit the feedback masters from a "click the hotspot" slide from a screen recording.  I had to go to a slide that asked for text entry to be able to access the feedback slide masters, and edit it there.  The feedback Master dropdown menu that appears in the top right corner of the screen was missing from any slide that didn't require text entry.

Not sure if this is a bug or working as intended, but I managed to do what i wanted by going to a slide that required text entry and editing the feedback master there.

Dennis Hall

Hi Joe:

Clicking the Edit link will do the trick, however, there does seems to be something off about the fact that you have to apply and Feedback edits to ALL master slides for the change to take effect.

You may want to enter a bug report for this:

Myself, I always setup all my Master Slides and Feedback Masters as templates and start my projects from my library of templates, therfore I do not really get this issue - as an example, I just tested this and had not issue selecting my Feedback slide from the Layout sub-menu to the left.

You can edit Feedback Masters by clicking the View menu, then Feedback Master in the View ribbon.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Amy G.

I just did my first screen recordings and output to try mode. I selected Always show hint. However, I had trouble with the feedback masters and layouts. I created basically a blank layout, because I didn't want all the text from the master (Correct text box and then feedback); I just wanted a red caption to point to the thing needing clicked. And I didn't want to use a correct layer at all, so I had to manually delete the correct layer from every slide.

The master applied to the base layer is Clean (i.e. not a question format anyway, right?). And I created my own custom feedback master (or used an existing #2 one and deleted every placeholder and object from it), which is totally blank, and then I created a custom layout, also totally blank. I made sure that layout was applied to the incorrect layer, and yet at least three text boxes (correct, feedback, something else) still appeared on every incorrect layer. Every layout under that second feedback master is blank, but there was no getting rid of those unwanted text placeholders aside from manually deleting from every slide, every incorrect layer.

Is this a bug? Also, is there a way to configure Try Its so there is only a hint/incorrect layer and no correct one?