Screen Recording Questions

Aug 21, 2012

Hi - I have been using Storyline for over a month now and am very pleased with it but have run into a few problems with my first Screen Recording Project.

I recorded a short test of a data entry system and imported it successfully as a screen-by-screen project. I edited it successfully (as Scene 1 - Demo) and everything seemed to work OK.

Then I re-used the same recording to insert a 'Try Mode' Scene 2  - I edited that successfully but it was 'glitchy' and I would end up with things like a single trigger displaying twice and if I tried to delete one, they would both delete.

My real problems began when I went back to the original demo scene - all the navigation between slides had reverted to 'Next' button clicks and the screencasts in each slide timeline don't seem to play.

Can you put both a demo and a try mode in the same project? Is there anything else that might be causing the problem?

Would appreciate any help - I am very keen to use Try Mode!

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