Screen Recording Resizing After Zoom Region Inserted

Mar 22, 2022

I recently upgraded to storyline 360 and I am having an issue with zooms and screen recordings. I have expanded my screen recordings to fit, but once I insert a zoom, the recording snaps back to original size after the zoom completes, leaving a gap at the bottom of my slide. I cannot adjust the screen recording within the timeline as it appears to be aligned to the bottom of the slide until I preview or publish...

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Chelsie!

We are happy to help! It sounds like you're expanding the screen recordings but the recording is resized after the zoom region completes. I am not seeing that others have reported a similar issue so I'd like to enlist our Support Engineers to help. Can you share your .story file privately with their team using a support case? They'll test your project and reply with troubleshooting steps!