Screen rendering and interactivity issues

Apr 09, 2021


We have a client who has been struggling to complete one of our courses (published in December 2020 with the latest version of SL360 at the time).

When I run (resume) the course, the rendering is fine but he is getting all sorts of screen corruption.  He is running the latest version of Firefox (87) on Windows 8.1.  I've yet to determine RAM, Processor or Regional settings.  However, it is based in the Ukraine/Russia and so his regional settings might be Russian - I should find out soon about these three factors.

I've included screenshots below of the issues as it is very odd.

Has this been encountered by anyone before?



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Chris Walsh

Further to the above...

The user is actually running the course through Terminal Services (Windows Server 2012 R2 which uses the same User Agent String as Windows 8.1).

Are there any known problems running Storyline in a browser inside Terminal Services?  The server itself has an Intel Xeon processor with 256GB of RAM.