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I have a slide with one minute of video.  As the video plays, a text box to the side progressively reveals important points from the video.   When the video finishes, the text is complete.  The user has the option of replaying the video, so I've selected "reset to initial state" in the player properties so that the video will start from the beginning again.  However, I'd prefer that the text box of important points remain on the screen all the time the video plays the second time.   The video box keeps disappearing and restarting from scratch when the video restarts.  I've tried putting a copy of the text on its own layer, and then selecting the properties of that duplicate layer to "resume saved state," but it still disappears when the user opts to replay the video.   What am i doing wrong?  Many thanks! 

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andy,

Welcome to the community.

I'm not sure if this solution is the most efficient, but it DOES work. Hopefully others will comment on something that's more efficient.

I'm assuming when you say "the user has the option of replaying the video", your Learners are using the seekbar to replay. I also don't know how your "text box is progressively appearing", but as a way of writing up an example:

Let's say you have 3 text boxes that appear providing the progressive information the first time through on the base layer.

You could copy these text boxes to a new layer, ensuring they're in the exact same positions. I'll just call this Layer 1. Position the text boxes at the beginning of the timeline (all of them) on this layer.

Set up a T/F variable. You could call it something like "movieplayed" and set the default to False.

On the base layer, add a trigger to adjust the "movieplayed" variable to True when the media completes

On the base layer, set up a trigger to show Layer 1 when the timeline starts on the base layer IF the "movieplayed" variable = True

On the base layer, set up triggers to change the state of your text boxes on the base layer to hidden if the "movieplayed" variable = True

When the slide begins the first time, the text boxes appear progressively.

When Learners click the Seekbar to replay, the base layer text boxes are hidden and the ones on Layer 1, which are on the timeline from the beginning, remain on the screen

One caveat: you will need to NOT show the movie controls and I'd recommend placing an invisible shape over the video so Learners can't start/stop the video in that way, because this throws all the syncing off.

Would that work for you? Please shout out with any questions!

Andy Spratt

Thanks very much to each of you for your great ideas.  I have just started using the software this week, so each suggestion is introducing new capabilities about the software to me.   Right now I'm working with variables and trying to understand how they work and how i can use them to solve my problem, as in the first suggestion above.  Again, many thanks!