Screencast function in Storyline 360

May 18, 2018

Hi!  I am working on recording screencasts within Storyline and it's working well except for one issue.  I'm sizing the Storyline recording window to fit my screen, but when I open up a new browser window within our software program, that window pops up as a bigger size outside of the window size I selected.  I'm using a smaller window size because the resolution is poor if I expand it.  Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Colleen,

I don't believe there is a setting in most browsers to restrict the browser size upon opening, but in testing a few of my browsers they consistently open to the size that it was when I last closed/quit the browser. Perhaps you could try setting it to that size in the background and then it'll open as a new tab in that window? 

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