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Apr 29, 2024

Is there a way to get a scroll bar to move at a set time automatically so the lower half of the textbox displays? I have been asked to eliminate having the learner scroll manually.

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Walt Hamilton

The only real way to avoid scrolling is not to have a scroll bar.

Frankly, whoever is asking hasn't thought through learner characteristics, most notably, the difference in reading speeds, among others. Nevertheless, if you have to advance the text after a certain time, don't put all the text in the same box. Put the second half in a different box, or even better in a different state. Then at the set time, show the other box or state.

William Shaul


I greatly appreciate your quick response to my message.

I couldn't figure out a way to automate the slider, so I put the entire listing that was too long for my designated region on a new slide layer, had it display when my voiceover narration reached the appropriate place and hid the slide layer when the narration finished discussing it.

Not quite elegant but did the job. Later in the SL I display the list in two halves, which will allow the users to see it again.

Wonderful support!

Bill Shaul


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