Scroll Bars In 360 Image Popups Don't Show Consistently & Other Issues in 360 Images

Dec 07, 2022

It seems that you're letting the browser or device decide when to show the scroll bars in 360 image popups? On my Macbook (Mac OS and Windows), in Chrome, Safari, and Edge, the scroll bars don't show at all until I start scrolling. For my reviewers, they see them inconsistently - sometimes already displayed on screen, and sometimes not until they start scrolling. Length of text doesn't seem to be a factor, as we've have 2 markers with the exact text, where one shows the scroll bar on load and the other doesn't.

Can you modify SL 360 to always show scroll bars? It's hard for the learner to know/guess if they need to scroll or not, given the minimal design. Including a note at the top of a popup suggesting to check for a scroll is both clunky and given the non-adjustable popup windows basically turns all popups into scrollable popups.

Also, the direction that the popup flags in Guided mode seems to be determined by whether you're advancing forward or backward in the interaction. This is super annoying and causes the popup to cover different aspects of the screen. We're trying to use 360 images for a character driven experience, but I'm having a hard time forcing the popups to not cover characters that are "speaking." Can you make it so they always flag the same way or include a toggle?

Also, there is a bug where if you attach a "hide layer" trigger to a marker (eg, so that by tabbing from marker 4 to marker 5 or vice versa in guided mode, the previously viewed layer would close), it doesn't always work. Then you end up with floating layers. I've found workarounds (eg, setting on a layer to close other layers or by putting overlays covering the scene with close layer triggers while in the layer), but they're not always perfect for the situation.

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