Scroll has disappeared on trigger and layers pane

I have recently got a new laptop and re-installed Articulate 3 on it.  

Very annoyingly, I seem to have lost the ability to scroll in the pane for triggers and layers.  It really slows you down when you need to do a simple check or change to have to undock the pane just to find the layers/triggers that I need.  

Is this a setting that I can change or is this an update that is affecting everyone?

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Judy Nollet


Just last week, I reported an issue with the Triggers panel. In my case, it does allow scrolling. But it doesn't use up all of the allotted space.

And this issue happens even when I undock the panel. So, after just a half dozen triggers, I have to scroll to see them all, no matter how long I make the panel. 

I first noticed this after installing the most recent update of Storyline 3. 

You can report this type of "unexpected behavior" directly to Articulate here:

BTW, with the latest update, I've also seen issues with States messing up when I edit the text. (I also reported that to Articulate.)