Scrolling Dialog in Storyline 360

Hi Folks,

I've imported a PowerPoint presentation into Storyline 360. The slides consist of text, images, and narration.

The narration is important because we are giving learners "word tracks" (i.e., what to day, but in their own words).

The word tracks can be quite lengthly for any given slide.

Is there a way I could scroll the text somewhere off of the slide so that only what the narrator is speaking is shown?

Please advise. /jc

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Brian Allen

It may be a little cumbersome, but what you're looking to do here is fairly complicated, and I agree with this direction, I would do it as well.

Going the route with CC is probably less cumbersome than any workaround I could think of in my mind which (one such idea) might/might not involve a really big custom slider with dozens of increments with my text attached to each increment with triggers set with cue points along my timeline synced to my audio that would trigger the slider to move to the next increment in effect (hopefully) producing something of a scrolling talk track.

Brian Allen

Another alternative would be slide layers containing your talk tracks (just one section of track per layer, so for large talk tracks you would have dozens of layers), again with triggers/cue points set up along your timeline synced with audio that would trigger the appropriate layer at that point in the talk track.