SCROM course not showing final Score

May 19, 2017

I have created a SCROM course and this course has 3 Quiz all the 3 Quiz have trigger to submit the result. Now I have created one final Result slide which combines the result of all other 3 slides.

Now when I upload this course on Scrom cloud I have below few issues.

The Score is not coming – Though on final result page it shows me the result.
The status of Success files show Pass and fail only when I complete all the 3 Quiz
My Publish Setting

Report status to LMS – This is set to Passed/Failed

Track Quiz Result is also set to final result page.


Kindly help


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rajesh

when you have 4 results slides you should have 4 sets of system generated result variables 

However looking at your file these are the variables being used: Have you manually created any of these variables?

1.13 is using Results.Score
1.25 is using Results_2.Score 
1.48 is using Results_3.Score
1.26 is using Results3.Score

Rajesh Kumar

Hi Wendy no I have not created them manually. Those are auto generated.

The result slide 1.13 is using Results.Score, 1.25 is using Results_2.Score,1.48 is using Results_3.Score are linked to 3 Quiz where as 1.26 is using Results3.Score is the final result which will go to LMS and which is the sum of all other 3 Results.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rajesh

I think some of the variables are corrupt - It is unusual to have a mix of variables with and without an underscore in the variable name.  

Here are the variables from four newly created result slides in SL360


I'll try importing your file into a new file and creating the result slides to see if it makes a difference.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rajesh

see attached published zip - I used a new file to import your questions in and created new results slides. Published to LMS, tracking via combined result slide, Passed-incomplete option.

The flash version works in Scormcloud and returns a score

The html5 version doesn't return the score


Wendy Farmer

You have corrupt result slide variables.

I recommend you create a new project file -import in all slides EXCEPT the result slides and then create four new results slides - check each time that the variables created are the correct set of 4.

Then you'll need to reformat your result slides to your style/design.


Rajesh Kumar

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the reply I have tried this and created a new project and added new result slide but still final score was not shown on LMS but I tried more thing in my final slide rather picking the result from all 3 result slide I selected the Question and finally I got the score on LMS. But this option will not work as when I go to my final result page all other Quiz are treated as done and if I wanted to reset only one its not possible. Stuck again pl help.

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