Search field - how does it work

Dec 21, 2017

I'm trying to understand the search and how it's returning results, and I haven't found the doc page for it.

It seems to only return pages that are listed in the Menu. And it doesn't seem to to take quotes.

Is there any way to trick it into searching pages not in a menu? And are there any special characters that do work?

I remember back in the day Articulate Presenter searched even the speaker notes, so it was really robust, and this search doesn't seem very helpful. I'm hoping you guys can correct me!

I'm interested in search in both Storyline and Studio, because if the answer is different, it will direct my product choice for this project.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Heather!

The Search functionality of Storyline should be looking to all slide text and notes. What version of Storyline are you using where you are not seeing this happen?

I'd love to get some additional information so that we can take a look. Even a sample .story file would be helpful.

Player Features, including search:

Storyline 360

IT Econometrica

Disregard, after some thorough testing I can answer this if anyone else is wondering about the same thing:

The search feature does NOT search captions. However, there's a simple solution to this. Add the narration script of each slide to the Notes field. The search feature DOES look at notes, and so this will accomplish the same thing. And that is true whether or not the Notes tab is visible on your player.