Seek bar with timecode

I looked through your many posts but I didn't find anything regarding solutions for a timecode burn or a time counter for the slideshow seek bar. I have slides that are over 8 minutes long that include complex animations that need to be synced up with the audio. I also need my client to be able to tell me changes which are frame accurate. I know Adobe Captivate has something like this. Does Storyline 360? If not how would you handle a remote client that needs to tell you exactly when they want an animation that is frame accurate? If the seek bar moves relative to how much time there is left... why no counter? Is there a 3rd party solution to this problem?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joshua,

Storyline's seekbar is based on the slide timeline, which depending on how video and audio elements are triggered may not match the timing of those items exactly. With Articulate 360 you could look at publishing your content to Review 360 which would allow for your reviewers to comment on the course and an exact timestamp and screen capture is recorded. 

I'd love to hear what others in the community have set up to help gather detailed timestamped feedback from their reviewers!