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Nov 17, 2017

I have an issue with the Seekbar not syncing with audio.

I have an animation that provides information and is synced to an audio track. Both are on the base layer. (They are not split off on slide layers.)

Current Behavior:

  1. When the user clicks Pause on the Seekbar, both the audio track and animation pause. The audio track and animation resume, when the user clicks the Play button on the Seekbar. (This is working as desired.)
  2. When the user drags or clicks on the Seekbar itself, the animation skips ahead or behind based on its position on the Timeline (desired effect), but the audio track continues without skipping ahead or behind (not desired effect). Audio and animation are now out of sync.
  3. When the user clicks the Reset button on the Seekbar, the animation resets (desired effect), but the audio continues without resetting (not desired). Audio and animation are also out of sync.


I'm trying to keep the audio and animation in sync in scenarios 2 and 3. For security reasons, I cannot post the story file, but I have attached the player and base layer settings.

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Nikolai Soderstrom

Thanks, Alyssa...I'm using Storyline 360.

If this helps, I am animating a large image file on a Motion Path, from right to left over the course of 34 seconds. The image file is about 4x the width of a screen. (It is a timeline. The timeline moves steadily through the years in the motion path, with only a portion of the timeline visible on screen at any one time.)



Nikolai Soderstrom

Thanks for testing this, Crystal. The issue in my version mysteriously resolved itself. The only changes I have made are in the slide base layer (Slide advances: changed to Automatically Decide) and the Player color scheme.

I noticed that the Seekbar started behaving as expected after I changed my Player color scheme template (to Slate), which seems to have changed a number of other settings I had in the Player. I'm not sure if that could have done it, but it is working now.

As a side note, I originally converted this from Presenter files to Storyline, so there may have been some legacy baked in.

Thanks, again!



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ninad,

It sounds like the slide timeline begins to play before the video plays, since the video is triggered to start when the user clicks.

This means that the slide timeline and the video will not be synced together. 

If you want the slide timeline and the video to be synced, you'll want to...

  • Remove all triggers to play the media.
  • Be sure the slide timeline and the video have the same duration.
Ninad K

No, the timeline starts and one of the audio starts along with the timeline.. This is fine.. For the other two audios, I have two buttons.. Clicking on the buttons will start these audios.. This is the entire setup.

Now, in order to play one audio at a time and stop the other audios.. I am using variable feature of the articulate.. (ex - play audio1 when variable equal to 1 and play audio2 when variable = 2 and so on..)

Now, for this kind of setup, how to align audio and seekbar?

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