Seeking in a Screen recording

Jul 23, 2012


We want our users to be able to use the seek bar to go back and forth in a Screen Recording in Demo mode (i.e. each screen on a different slide).

So when the its published they can use the seek bar to move between "slides" in the demo.

It looks like the seek bar is only per slide though.



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Adrian Dean

Hi Saul,

There is no global seekbar controlling several slides at once. Slide advancement happens by the user completing an action that advances the slide or having the slide advance themselves automatically, either using the timeline of the slide or the timeline of an object such as the video itself.

You could have the videos play automatically so that the slides advance themselves, while having the user being able to click the next or previous buttons themselves so that they can move to the next or previous slide when they want rather than wait on the video to finish.

Hope this helps,


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