Selected state reverts back to normal when viewing a different layer

Apr 05, 2018

I created an interaction slide where the learner clicks tabs to learn about different steps of a process. When clicking a tab the layer appears, the tab changes to a dark blue (indicating it's been selected) and should remain dark blue while viewing other tabs. Unfortunately this is not working.  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. The file I'm working on is attached. Any help or words of wisdom would be WONDERFUL!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Terry

you have a button set up which means only one of the 3 rectangles can be in selected state at any one time.  Also sometimes using the built states which SL has specific actions for can cause issues when you try and use them in triggers.  I would duplicate your selected state and call it something else e.g. 'completed' and use that in the trigger.

Try ungrouping the steps - highlight the 3 background rectangles right click > button set and set it to none


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