Send LMS completion when users passes one of several quizzes

Nov 01, 2013

We have courses in many languages with quizzes in each language.  I'd like to send over a LMS completion if a user passes any of the quizzes.  Can this be done by using a variable? 

I see I can "get into" the results variables by using conditions but I want to pass a parameter onto the results....

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Karen Loomis

Thanks for the response!

I don't think the variables in the first option would work for me because some of my courses are in as many as 15 languages and 10 questions so that would be too confusing to setup.  I have seperate quizzes per language which works nice. 

However I've setup a "confirmation screen" that users need to submit in order to receive credit.  Ideally, I'd like to use the survey option and send Results.ScorePoints over to the LMS instead of making them go to a bogus confirmation screen... Also when you setup the confirmation screen everyone gets 100% even if they really get a lower passing score on the quiz.

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