Send variables from Storyline to Web Object

Feb 13, 2019

Hi, Sorry for my bad English, I'll try my best...

I want to have access to Storyline variables, to use them inside a web object.

I've attached my story file and a zip file containing the published version and web object pure files folder.

I have an html5 chart which is used as the web object in Stoyline. it represents some number of data for countries, for example, the USA has 5000 value and ... etc. I want to change each value ( in case of the USA let's say I want to change it from 5000 to 10000 using Storyline variable).

I put this code into user.js first:

function getVariable(usa)
var player=GetPlayer();
var myVar = player.GetVar(usa);
return myVar;

then in Script.js which is located in web object folder ( on my host with https), I added :


But it doesn't work in the https host, unfortunately..

I really appreciated any solution...

Please help...

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