Sending grade to LMS without actually taking a quiz?

Is there a way to send a grade of 100% to the LMS without having someone take a quiz? What if I wanted to set a grade at the last slide of a presentation in Storyline 360 that gets reported to the LMS, in my case, Moodle. I'm using LTI for my courses and the option for "complete/incomplete" by slides is no longer available with my LMS activities. The activity in the LMS for LTI uses grades as a means for activity completion. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Nick,

Tracy is spot on!

Another idea is to add a Freeform Pick One question slide, but don't design it like a quiz question. Instead, it can say something like, "Click the button below to complete the course."

Then, add a result slide (with a Submit Result trigger) that simply says, "You have successfully completed this course. You can now close the browse window."

In essence, the learner will interact with a quiz slide, but they won't know it's a quiz. Does that make sense?

nick wilson

The only issue with the course completion is that I'm dishing it out as an LTI link I don't think the LMS is recognizing the the storyline file is a SCORM package. I'm not sure how the LTI and storyline can work together within Moodle. 

I can use a SCORM package and get the course completion settings fine, it's just when I'm using the external link, the LMS doesn't offer any kind of "complete/incomplete" handshake between Moodle and Storyline. However it does allow for grades. That's why I'm asking if there's a way to report a grade to the LMS with storyline. I think the issue is the LTI isn't communicating with the LMS.