Sending Results to LMS and Tracking Completion by Slides Viewed - Again

Feb 25, 2021

Hi Community!

I want to confirm I'm on the right track to save quiz results (question responses) to the LMS for reporting but trigger course completion by slides viewed. The few discusssions I found are a couple of years old, prior to the new built-in variables and quiz types.

The solution I have so far is a trigger to submit results if slides viewed > X.


One downside is it only works if the student has viewed X slides before viewing the results slide. I'm wondering if there are other solutions? For example, is there a conditional to check if results have been submitted, then use a trigger to complete the course if slides viewed > X and results submitted = True?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Chris!

I'm happy to help! It sounds like you're looking to track the score and completion status in Storyline 360.

In that case, I'd recommend choosing to track progress using the Results Slide and then selecting either Complete/Failed or Complete/Incomplete.

You can read more about the tracking and reporting options here.

Chris Jones

Hi Lauren - thank you for the reply. I am familiar with the link you provided. It doesn't quite answer my question.

We want to track completion by slides viewed, AND we also want to upload responses to quiz questions. I think, unfortunately, you can only upload responses if you track by a "Quiz Results" slide.

I found a way to do this - see my original post. I am interested in hearing from the community if there is a better or alternative solution.

Thank you!