Sequence Drag and Drop

I'm trying to build my own sequence drag and drop interaction. In the template version that comes with SL, there is a black line that shows where the selected answer is going to move to and when you release the selected answer, all of the answers shuffle into the new sequence. I cannot figure out how to replicate that in my custom interaction. Right now it pretty much is a drag and drop interaction set up so that there can't be two objects in the same drop target.

Thanks for the help.

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Brian McCann

Thank you for the replies.

Giovanna, I'm referring to the template that you see if in SL2 you go to New Slide->Insert Graded Quiz-Sequence Drag and Drop.

Shenna, That's not quite what I'm looking to do. See the attachment for what the template does. 

I'm wondering how I get them to reshuffle like that in a custom-built one.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Brian!

There is not a free-form version of that exact question type. Is there a reason that the built in option does not work for you or is it that you need something a tad more custom like discussed here?

If you are able to share what you are working on so far, that may be the catalyst for someone to better assist you with your design needs.