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Jun 07, 2016



While developing a storyboard in storyline 2 I have come across an issue.

The issue is that while creating new lessons the sequence got disturbed......

Example: Lesson 1-->Lesson 2-->Lesson 3---->Lesson 5---->Lesson 4

I used trigger in the last slide to allow the learner to jump to the next scene/lesson to rectify the issue.

Trigger used: Jump to scene-->next scene (name of the scene)-->when the user clicks--> Next button.

The issue got fixed in the Scene view, however in the drop-down the sequence remains the same as mentioned above.

PFA the screenshot for your reference.

Please help.




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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Chetana! I see what you're saying, that the Lesson 5 Scene (scene number 5) is showing in the Scene dropdown before the Lesson 4 Scene (scene 6).  The functionality of your project is not affected if your triggers are set properly, but sure, visually, that can be confusing!

Scene numbering is based on object and trigger order. One of our community managers, David Anderson, did a great job of describing the setup here in this video.

I hope that helps!

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