Sequencing Drag n Drop to modify course sequence

Aug 02, 2018

Hello all, working on my first SL360 course. I would like to create a way for learner to build an agenda using 5 options. They can place the 5 options in the order they want and this will define the order in which the upcoming modules are going to be displayed. 

I was thinking of using the Survey Question type Sequencing Drag n Drop but I'm not sure how to access the values of the survey once the learner click Submit. Any help would be appreciated. 


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Crystal Horn

Hi Frédéric!  I can't wait to see what other suggestions the community offers up. 

One thought I had:  It might serve you better to build this interaction from scratch.  That way, you'll have the freedom to format the option as you like without the worry of feedback or other quizzing options.  And you can create your own variables to track their selection, and your own triggers to act accordingly.

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