Serious Delays in Published Content

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have experienced delays in published content since update 5?

We're frantically trouble shooting modules that are due to go live today and need to figure out whether the delays are caused by the content or the LMS.

The types of delays we are experiencing are:

-Grow animations starting but then pausing for approx 5 seconds before finishing

-When clicking next the audio for the next slide plays but the slide itself doesn't load until the end of the audio

-State changes only 1/2 appearing ie the colour and image will change but the text won't.

-Click to hide layer triggers seems to be seizing up - the button itself gets stuck in 'down state' but the layer doesn't close. 

Note we have published for LMS Scorm 1.2 without HTML5 output. 

And are using Moodle as an LMs.

We have tested on several different LMS' including Articulate Online and Blackboard.  On all LMS' we have experience slight delays BETWEEN SLIDES in content loading and minimal issues within slides with content loading.

All help is very much appreciated as this has to go live today.

Thank you

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