set timeline startup time.

Oct 06, 2015

Hi all. Is there a way to set a layer to start at second two and not at second zero when is showed depending on the state of a variable or a shape? for example something like if square 1 is visited (or if variable x is set to tue) then start at second two.

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hector teran

Thanks for your asnwer Jack but it's not what i'm looking for. try to imagine this scenario: base layer with two buttons B1 and B2 both set to show layer A but when I click B1 then layer A timeline starts in second zero but if I click B2 then layer A timeline starts in second 2. something closer to that is what i'm looking for.

Walt Hamilton

It sounds like what you are wanting is a jump to second 2 of Layer A's timeline. Storyline does not support jumping to a point on the timeline. You could add your voice to those requesting it as a future feature.

A kludge workaround would be two layers A and B, with B identical to A, except for the first second.

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