Set up of Caption parameters when recording a screen

Hi there,

When one records the screen with Storyline one can have Text Captions in 'View mode' for instance. I wonder if there is a set up of the Text Captions for the parameters.

Have a look at the attached image please. Could we set up the areas in red beforehand? Now I need to change the Text Captions one by one since by default they are set to be with the following:

- Middle Vertically aligned

- Resize shape to fit text

- 10px left and right margins

What if I want them to be automatically set up to "Do Not Autofit" for instance.

Thank you for your ideas in advance


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Crystal Horn

Hi there Bobby.  Modifying the default caption labels for screen recordings isn't currently supported, but this article gives some ideas about editing after recording (which we support), and modifying prior to recording (which we can't support).  I hope that at least gives you the information that you need!

Please know that if this is a feature that would make your life easier, we want to hear about it!  Thanks for reaching out.