Set up SCORM to upload to our LMS

I just finished my first articulate storyline presentation.  We will be adding testing when we upload it to our LMS (BVS).  I was told that I need to send the scorm with score and tracking so that we can track our employees scores.  I see that you said to include a quiz result slide option.  Will that send the score to our LMS?

I hope you understand what I am asking, but I am so new to this, I am not sure of the question, let alone the answer.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Joan,

First, you have the best last name I've ever heard of!

Yes, you'll need to add a Results slide to your project in order to track completion/score status on the LMS. The result slide has a few options and settings you'll need to set as well as when you publish to SCORM there are a few settings such as which Result slide do you want to track (if more than one) and how your LMS reports - Complete/Incomplete, Pass/Fail, etc.

Most LMS's support SCORM 1.2 and some SCORM 2004. The latter not being as stable and quite frankly that version is for sequencing and navigation for multiple SCOs. SCORM 1.2 should be fine for a single module/course.

Hope that helps.

Joan Thorn

Thank you Kevin!  Maybe we are related!  However, my is through marriage, but it still counts!  When people ask for the spelling of my last name, I say "Thorn, as in "in your side"! hehe

Thanks for your help.  I will be doing this next week, so I may be back for further instructions.  I really have enjoyed creating the storyline, and I love this forum.  Everyone is so generous with their help and advice.  IT IS AMAZING!