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Nov 12, 2012


Is there a way to set a trigger on the Next button so that it is only active when the timeline of the slide ends? i.e. we want to prevent users from clicking Next before the slide is completed.

I can think of some work arounds, but interested if a simple solution exists.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hey Saul, in that case what you'd need to do instead is manage the navigation on each slide individually, like this:

  1. Set up a separate true/false variable for each slide in the course. Set each variable's initial value to false. 
  2. Add a trigger on each slide to change that slide's true/false value to True when the slide's timeline ends. 
  3. Finally, add a condition to the Next button on each slide that allows the learner to jump to the next slide only if the current slide's true/false variable is true. 

It's a little more work to set things up this way (vs. the steps described in the knowledgebase article I mentioned earlier), but it allows you much more control over every slide, which seems to be what you're looking for. Hope that helps!

Jeanette Brooks

Thanks for that suggestion, Saul - and yeah, we're actually working on some new ideas for improving the forums so that folks interested in specific topics can drill into them more quickly. In the meantime, here are some good resources on variables:

Jeanette Brooks

Saul you might find this screencast helpful, where David Fair describes how to transmit a variable value to an LMS.

And yes, Storyline does support the use of Javascript triggers to manipulate and pass values (although Articulate doesn't provideJavascript coding support). I'd recommend taking a look at the best practices and examples in this knowledgebase article for additional info. And here are some additional links you might find helpful too:

Extending Storyline with Javascript and Variables

Using Javascript to write variable values to a local text file

If there's something specific related to variables and/or Javascript that you'd like to explore, I'd recommend starting a new thread in the Storyline forum with "Javascript" and/or "variables" in the subject line. That way it's more likely to be seen by other folks in the community who have experience with using JS for what you have in mind. 

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