Setting Complete Status from Storyline moduel that contains a quiz


We have developed a module that contains some quiz questions but just for interactivity - not to assess learners. We want the module to send back a Complete status when all slide have been viewed and have set the tracking/reporting options accordingly- (SCORM 1.2, Complete/Incomplete/slide views) but when we run from LMS it send back 'Passed' instead of 'Complete' (even if you don't answer the questions correctly). I have tested in SCORM Cloud and can see that is being sent back from Storyline  - it's not the LMS interpreting it. Is this a bug and is there any work-around?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alistair,

This is a bug we're currently testing. However, keep in mind that passed status is not a reflection of the quiz score, it is a reflection of the fact that the person viewed all the slides necessary to complete the SCO. So while it is a bug it should not impact the status in a negative way.