SCORM 2004 data not marking as complete in Bridge LMS

Aug 16, 2019

Hi all. We're encountering a problem with a course that is tracked by completion status and has no quiz in the course. (The quiz is a separate learning object that follows the course immediately.) Our LMS, Bridge, doesn't seem to recognize that the course is completed. I thought at first this had something to do with publishing it to SCORM 2004; without a quiz, the satisfaction remains at unknown (as tested in SCORM Cloud). In fact, SCORM Cloud indicates that the course was completed, but was not passed; success and score are unknown. 

However, I republished to SCORM 1.2, which does not distinguish between completion status and satisfaction status, and we still have a problem with Bridge not recognizing it. (I haven't tested the 1.2 version in SCORM Cloud yet.)

Before we engage Bridge, I thought I'd check here to see if there might be something we're doing wrong.

Some questions:

  • Are there other things that could impact course completion? We have a link out to a glossary in the Resources; failing to click that wouldn't impact completion, would it?
  • The course contains ungraded activity questions/knowledge checks. Although they have correct/incorrect feedback, they are ungraded, have no points, and have no results slide. Despite attempting to make these "invisible" to SCORM, could it be that the course is passing back data about these questions to the LMS? I wouldn't think the LMS would track any kind of completion based on these, but I noticed that the only time I could get the LMS to recognize course completion is the one time I took them time to answer all of the questions correctly.

Here are our specs:

  • SCORM 2004, 4th ed.
  • Report status as Complete/Incomplete
  • Track using complete course trigger
  • Complete course trigger is on the last slide and is triggered at the beginning of the slide timeline
  • Next/Prev, menu, and seekbar are all restricted on first pass through course



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Lisa Spirko

Related to my question about ungraded activities.... I'm concerned that this could be the culprit, actually, because the Score field under Question Tools is set to By Question, which implies it's gathering a score. The problem is that if I set this to None, I lose my correct and incorrect feedback. Why is correct and incorrect feedback tied to whether I want to tally a score for the question? 

Specs for ungraded questions:

Feedback: By Question

Shuffle: None

Results slide: None

Score: By Question (I want to turn this off, but if I do, it removes my correct/incorrect feedback layers -- why would feedback be tied to this field, when there's already a feedback field that I have set to "By Question"?)

Attempts: 1

Points on each feedback layer: 0

Thanks for any ideas! Lisa

Lisa Spirko

Hi Rory! We're also using SCORM 2004, 4th edition. We had to set our report status to LMS as Passed/Incomplete, and that fixed the problem.

Depending on the type of training (course vs. software demo), I track completion using either a course completion trigger on the last slide or all slides viewed, and both methods seem to be working well as long as Passed/Incomplete is selected.

If you're using Bridge, this document from them helped:

I hope this helps!


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