Setting Course Completion Method

Nov 08, 2017

Okay, so I am being asked a question by a corporate LMS owner about my first course.

It is SCORM tested and "almost" good to go.

It is in Restricted mode and you have to complete all slides in order to "pass".

Here's her questions: "can you please provide info on how you have set up your SCORM file settings to report back a pass/complete. Is it based on a number or percentage of slide views, or a quiz (or trigger button acting as a quiz) or a combination of both."

Can someone kindly tell me whether this is done in Storyline 3 or on the SCORM cloud site?

Furthermore, any guidance on the how would be greatly appreciated.

BTW this community has made it possible for me to start and finish this course design with far greater confidence than when I started.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Roy.  Thanks so much for your kind words about the community - It's inspiring to know that people find value, share knowledge and encourage each other so abundantly here.  ❤️

Storyline will communicate completion to the LMS either when learners reach the quiz result slide, or when they reach the required number of slides.  Either of those options can be selected in the Publish window under the LMS tracking options.

So Storyline decides when to send the data based on your choices in the publishing window, and your LMS will interpret the data that it sends.

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