Setting Exam Module to One Attempt Only

Jun 27, 2013

We have 12 courses and then a separate Storyline course that is just the exam. Is there a way to configure the exam so that users are only given one attempt? Would a value variable and a trigger of some sort at the beginning of the exam work?

(I'm thinking it would not work because when the user exits the exam course and then re-launches the exam course, the variable is probably reset.)

Thanks in advance!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Keith!

Is the problem that the users are able to restart the entire course when they revisit it? You could change the resume option to "Always". If that's set, then the learner should return to the very end of the course, where they've already completed the quiz. If there's no "Retry" option enabled, they shouldn't be able to retake the quiz.

Would that work for you?

Keith Kemsley


That very well may work. We are now looking into how the administrator could reset things if he did indeed want to allow a particular learner to retake the exam.

You are a huge help, Christine. Thank you x 1,000.


p.s. Next time I get out to New York, I am going to take your boss out to lunch and spend the entire time persuading him/her to give you a raise.

Sasha Rubeis

Hello Leslie,

I'm trying to figure out a work around.  Is it possible to remove the review button and then allow the user to print results page but the results page has the questions that were missed on the results page print out?  I just want is to be the question number and if they missed that question or not.  I do not need the results page to have the question itself and correct answer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sasha,

We can still only control attempts per session in Articulate 360, but not if the user chooses to re-launch the content. That would be a setting within your LMS. You could look at setting the resume to Always and limiting the quiz attempts as shown here. 

Have you touched based with your LMS team to see if they had other thoughts?

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