Setting Quiz Attempts or Retries

Dec 13, 2019

I have created an online quiz and I am trying to limit the overall attempts to 3 (2 retries) and I have followed these directions perfectly

but my "retry" button doesn't go to Disabled on the 3 attempt (2nd retry) or the 4th or 5th etc...  This will be uploaded to our LMS, but I'm first trying to simulate in Preview.  I have not published this yet.  Attached is a screen shot of my triggers for the Results Page.  Can you tell me what is wrong?  Thanks!

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Jerry Beaucaire

The order of triggers is critical for stuff like this.   By putting the trigger to update the "Attempts +1" at the bottom of the triggers, I'm guessing it never happens, the user has already left the slide via the trigger above.

Keep that in mind, so move that last trigger up above the "Jump" trigger.  ;)