Setting score with Javascript SCORM 2004

Mar 28, 2019

Hi there,

Please could someone assist me?

I have a course that where the tracking is set on slides viewed. I need to force completion with Javascript so I've deliberately made it so the user can never reach the number of slides they need to view.  The completion status is working fine, but now my client would like it to set a score of 100 too which i cannot get working. 

I have used the below:

//get LMS API

var lmsAPI = parent;

//set score

lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 0);

//set status


It needs to be compatible with SCORM 2004.  Can anyone help me please?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Laura!

While the community is better suited to help with Javascript, I'd be happy to explore the hidden combined results slide with you.

That method will work as long as the learner actually visits that slide. You can even disguise the slide by removing all of the text and variables so the learner won't have any idea that it is a result slide.

Finally, you could add a simple closing message like, "You have now completed this course. Please close the browser window."

If you decide to go back to that method, let me know how it goes!

Laura Haselum

Hi there thank you! I have tried this approach again setting the combined slide but im struggling to get it to report a completed status.

If i 100% all 3 quizzes (which is the requirement to pass). This is what i am seeing:

Status: Incomplete
Result: Failed
Time Spent: 00:05:36
Total Views: 1
Last Attempt: 02/04/2019
Best Score: 100.00%

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