Setting the timeline for a layer

Hello everyone,

I've set a trigger so that when a specific area of a photo is clicked, information about that area will display. I created a layer for the text box of information.

My challenge is that when the area on the photo is clicked, the text box displays and immediately disappears. I set the timeline for the layer for 5 seconds. In the slide layer properties box, I started with the "Hide Slide Layer When Timeline Finishes" box unchecked. Then I tried it with the box checked. I adjusted the timeline from 5 to 10 seconds. I tried applying a timed animation. That prevented the information from displaying altogether. So far, nothing I've tried has worked.

There's probably a simple setting that is escaping me right now that would resolve this issue. Although, prior to upgrading to Storyline 2, my timings worked fine.

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

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