Several Moodle, One SCORM

May 13, 2020


I would like to use one SCORM(storyline) on 3 distinct moodle servers.

For the moment, I have to copy the SCORM 3 times, one on each server, each time I want to upgrade my SCORM.

The idea is to store the SCORM on a (web)server, and just put a shortcut on each Moodle.

How can I do that ?


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Stephen Catton

This might be a bit too late but 

  1. Create a course specifically for this task. Call it Filestore or something you won't forget and accidentally delete. No learners are to be added
  2. Create a Folder resource
  3. Create Folders if needed (To organise your SCORM objects if you have lots)
  4. Upload the SCORM object to the correct folder
  5. Go to the course you want the SCORM Activity to be accessed from
  6. Add a SCORM activity and when you add the SCORM select 'Server files' from the picker and navigate to the course that you uploaded the SCORM to. Or do a search if you remember its name
  7. Select the file and tick the 'Create an alias/shortcut to the file' option
  8. Once uploaded select the Auto-update frequency.
  9. Do from step 5 for all courses needed.
  10. When you want to update the SCORM just go to the Filestore and drag n drop the new zip file and replace the old file. Do not delete the old file and upload the new one. It must overwrite the old one.