Shadow or glow effect will not cover all of the shape

Hi there,

I am using the Line callout 1 shape with the following settings:

Fill = Solid Fill White

Line Color = Solid Line White

Line Style = Width 9px; Cap type Round

Shadow = Transparency 10%; Size 102%; Blur 7px; Angle 0; Distance 0px

The shadow effect works fine if the leader line is coming out of the callout from the bottom or right side, but if it comes out of the left or top corners the shadow effect only covers some of the shape and blurs to nothing. Image attached for reference, has this ever occured for anyone else? I found the same issue with the glow effect.

It seems to also occur for all the other callout and caption shapes.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi T F!

Thank you for explaining this in detail! I was able to reproduce this in Storyline 360, and it looks like the blur and size settings are only displaying the shadow in the bottom right part of the shape.

I would suggest altering the blur setting to at least 40px to accommodate the size of the shape. Here's what that would look like:

Ren Gomez

Hi T F,

Thanks for following up and providing those in-depth details! I'm sorry that you ran into an issue where the shadow effect is getting cut off. We have reported it to our team as a bug, and I'll be sure to include your helpful images along with it.

A workaround you can try is to rotate a callout by 90 degrees and see if that helps!


Hi Ren,

Thanks rotating the shape by 180 degrees sorts it out, the only issue then is the text has to be separate from the shape (as a text box), as any text in the shape is upside down. But will be a workaround for now. Unless there is a way to have text in a shape rotated differently to the text it self.

Some more info for the bug - The issue with the the cutting off of shadows for the leader lines from the Top + Left occurs for all Callout Shapes and Captions. The same thing happens for the glow effect. 



Brian E.W. McNulty

I am having the same issues with left shadows showing fully on captions and have a quick fix for this.

Create a caption box or whatever object is giving you shadow issues and make a duplicate. Turn the new object to black (or darker color) and add a "Soft Edges" effect to it (1 pixel to 3 pixels). Increase the size of the new object by 1 or 2 pixels (Lock aspect ratio on). Set the transparency down to 70% and place in back of the original image. Offset the new object until it matches the other correctly shadowed object positions.