Share a deeplink to a page in a storyline file (from outside)

Many of our e-learning modules are also used as reference guide.

We can share a link to a storyline, published in our LMS. However, sometimes these training contains dozens of pages. Is it possible to create (and send) a link to a certain page in a published story file?

In Rise this is easy, but in Storyline 360 I can't find any possibility.

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Brian Dennis

Javascript is quite powerful and Matthew's solution is quite elegant.

You could write some javascript that executes on button click to create a slide specific "share" link derived from a variable assigned at timeline start for every slide.

Imagine project variables named "SharedSlideName" and "ShareableLink". Create a trigger that assigns a unique value to SharedSlideName on timeline start. My TOC slide assigns the value "toc" to the variable. Javascript (shown below) constructs a text friendly text (link) to the ShareableLink variable. You could show the value of ShareableLink in a text field, showing on button click.

Last, be sure to wire things up as Matthew's explains in his tutorial now that you have slide-specific links.


var player = GetPlayer();

player.SetVar("ShareableLink", window.location.href + "?slide=" + encodeURIComponent(player.GetVar("SharedSlideName")));