SharePoint Foundation 2013 and Articulate Storyline

Hi Everyone,

I had everything working on SharePoint Foundation 2010, with users clicking links to the story.html file to run the eLearning.  My organization recently "upgraded" to SharePoint Foundation 2013 and now when the user clicks a link, SharePoint asks if they want to save the file.  Our SharePoint administrator is unfamiliar with eLearning software so I'm unsure what's going on.

Advice or thoughts, anyone?

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Merritte DeBuhr

We just ran into the same issue.  I would assume a lot of us out here used SharePoint and launched the story.html file into the browser.  According the all my research MS now prohibits launching HTML files from SP due to a concern the HTML file may include malware.  I think it is more along the line they just want to sell their LMS365 SW App. 

I found one blog comment that SP now works with ASPX verses HTML.  Is there a way to convert the Storyline package to an ASPX format? 

Any help Articulate could provide here would be greatly appreciated.