SharePoint / Mobile Player / "Cannot Access Content"

Aug 22, 2012

  1. I published a Storyline module without HTML5 but with iOS (I want to test the mobile player).
  2. I loaded the Storyline output to our company's SharePoint intranet site.
  3. I send myself via email a link to the iOS file for my Storyline module.
  4. The mobile player launches but quickly states "Cannot Access Content".
  5. In our case, we are using Junos Pulse to join our company's VPN. When I use my iPad to view one of my SharePoint site's I do need to enter my username/password.

NOTE - I am able to view the Storyline content using my iPad's mobile browser. The issue is only with the mobile player.

1) Why am I encountering this error - "cannot access content"?

2) What can I do to resolve this issue?


PS We use Junos Pulse to gain access to our VPN via an iPad.

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Scott Andre

Thanks Phil - I suspected this was the case. Any awareness on how companies are typically pushing their Storyline modules to the mobile player? I would assume the vast majority of companies use LMSs that require credentials so I assume this is not an option. I need to figure out some solutions and I want to believe there are ways to get this done. Just not sure the best place to start or what the options might be.



Scott Andre

We could use this approach to serve customers but not employees. With employees we need to protect against outside access.

Here are my current potential approach thoughts;

  1. We do have a mobile content server. Perhaps I can zip the module up and deliver to an iPad through this. Once there I may be able to unzip or conduct an "Open-In" and open it somewhere else.
  2. Perhaps there is a way to host the content on a password protected server so that once an employee logs in they no longer have to provide a password to access content. Under these conditions I wonder if the mobile player would still have issues.
  3. Explore why I continue to have to supply my username/password upon entering each SharePoint web page. If I can remove this perhaps the mobile player would be able to access the content.
Dave Mozealous

Hi Scott,

Yeah, the problem is that SharePoint is protecting the content behind a login, and they use the login information to control access to the content, and there isn't anyway to pass the browser session/login info from the browser to an app.  But if the content is already protected by a VPN, is protecting it via login also necessary?

As a note, the Articulate Mobile Player does support the Tin Can method for protecting content...a technical explanation of how this works can be found here:  


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