Sharing an Articulate Storyline document

Me and my coworker are creating an interactive presentation together by using Articulate Storyline 3, but are having some difficulties sharing the document between us. In e.g. Word and PowerPoint, two different people can edit the same document and both see the other's changes, if the document is saved correctly. Is there a similar way to work in Articulate Storyline? We tried uploading it to a SharePoint, but that didn't work either.
We would really appreciate suggestions!

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Joseph Jani

Hi Alina,

I hope you're doing well. It is highly recommended to work on Storyline projects on your local hard drive to avoid data and resources loss. With that said, it won't be able to have the same function as the "Share" feature of Word, Powerpoint and other Office apps. 

Maybe using a screensharing application will help in this case since 2 editors can work on a single project. Or, 2 editors can work on the same project producing different set of slides then they can merge it on a latter time. Either way, please refer to this link for Recommended Workflow for Collaborative Network Environment.

Thank you,