Sharing Articulate Storyline Files with other developers

Apr 10, 2015


How to I send a storyline file to another developer so that she can work on the file as well? Also, how do I explain to her how to open the file and access the file? Which file does she click on to open the course? There are many folders and files when I zip the course up, and I can't seem to find a source file. Have I done something wrong in the zipping up or the unzipping?


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Arantxa Abaúnza

Hi Leslie! 

I've published a Storyline 360 course following the directions available here (CD > Zip) to share it with a team member - via our network drive - who will continue with the course design.

My question is: Once I have the Output folder and I've shared it with my colleague, how can he be able to work with it? We are not sure which file should be open in case he wants to move forward with the design taking it from where I left it.

Thanks in advance!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Arantxa,

You'll need to share a copy of the .story file (the file prior to publish) if you're colleague is looking at editing the course. If you need to share a project file with another developer, we recommend zipping the .story file first. Then share the zipped file via email, external drive, network drive, etc. Recipients should save it to their local hard drives and fully extract it before opening the project.

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