Show a layer after clicking on a hyperlink

Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this problem has been addressed, but I'll post it all the same.

I'm working on a project where my master slide acts as a menu bar containing different elements. These layers are as follows:

- menu off (contains a button)

- menu on (clicking the button on menu off hides that layer and opens this one): contains buttons going to a quick jump layer, a resource layer, etc.

- quick jump: a set of buttons, each of which are linked to other slides (this can be accessed from menu on)

- resource layer: this one contains external links, all of which open in a new browser window.

By default, most of the triggers in each layer will hide that layer and show the menu off layer, making it feel like an actual menu that opens and closes.

My current problem is this: on the base layer, I have a video that pauses when accessing the custom menu. Clicking on any button that redirects INTO anything in the scene, the video will resume and the "menu off" layer shows up. But when I click on a hyperlink to open a new browser window, the video will resume but the "menu off" layer stays hidden.

I've attached a sample here (but not the original file, though) of what I meant.

Here's a link of the published version on a live site:

Hope I can get help on this. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Raphy and welcome to Heroes!

The link you included to your published output would not work for me? Also, I took a look at the zipped file you shared, and it was just one slide with a video embedded - no layers, triggers (with the exception of a play media trigger), etc. so I'm not sure if by chance you loaded the wrong example or if I'm misunderstanding. If you're able to share a copy of the .story file with the menu, and the video we can take a look.


Raphy Abano

Hi Ashley!

Thank you for replying so soon.

Regarding the link, sorry about that. Here's the correct one (I forgot to put the http://www portion before the domain):

For the zipped file, I placed the menu buttons in the slide master, where it shows the layer "menu off" when the timeline starts. So when you preview it, it should come out.

Hope this clears it up. I tried doing something where I put a hotspot behind the layer with the hyperlink where it shows the "menu off" layer after clicking. I'm not so sure if that works, but I'll leave that there for now.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Raphy,

Ok, I was able to access your link now, and let me describe to you what happened:

An audio track (which was great by the way!) and some video(or still images transitioning) played through. I clicked on the menu button, and it paused. I was then able to click on Menu again to restart from where I left off. I then clicked on your Resource button and saw the hyperlinked, and it opened in a new window to Google. I was able to use the close button and return to the video where I left off. 

So based on what you're showing me, the video looks like it's working correctly. All buttons are functioning as they seem to be designed, although the piece you're missing with the hyperlink is the add an additional set of triggers that when clicked it will hide the hyperlink layer, and show the menu off layer. I don't think the hotspot is needed.