Show layer after other layers have completed

Jul 17, 2017

I seeem to have an issue with a slide layer.

I want the client to view 3 layers first and a final layer to show once those have been clicked out, but it won't work. Any ideas?

File attached.

Thanks in advance

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Nick!

You're not seeing that final layer?

Here's what I'm seeing.

My one concern, and what you may be seeing is if the timeline finishes prior to the other layers being visited, then your final layer will not automatically open. 

You could either have another button appear to prevent confusion or you can extend the timeline if needed.

Nick Gregory

Ok I have sorted it.

I initially extended the base timeline to last a bit longer than the layers but then I had a moment of clarity and realised that I was just making things too hard for myself and re set the trigger to show the slide if all the buttons (that launch the layers )  were "visited" on condition that the crosses to exit (on the layers) had also been turned to "visited" first and this works...hooray and thanks for your advice. Nick

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mayuree!

If I'm understanding correctly, you would like the other layer text to appear as you progress?

Perhaps like this:

You can accomplish this by editing the slide layer properties to allow other slide layers to be seen (by unselecting the option to hide other slide layers):

Let me know if this is what you needed. Your updated file is attached as well.

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